Friday, April 26, 2013


I couldn't be happier that today is the end of the week. Although it is one of the busiest days for me so far this week.

I have an interview at 11 at a childcare service here in town, so keep your fingers crossed!

This morning I took my final for general psychology, I was actually really disappointed with that class so I'm glad it's over! I also finish up my composition class today, everything has gone by so fast!!

Hopefully everything goes smoothly over the next few days, then it's sweet summer time!!

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  1. I took College Composition in the summer last year> Because it was in the summer it was only 8 weeks. I jumped for joy when it was finished. Psych? I LOVE Psych. My major is Liberal Arts with a Psych Concentration. Seriously the best classes. Intro to Psych was my absolute favorite. I'm so ready for summer though. I cant wait for this semester to be done!

    1. I like Psychology, just not the way it was taught here. It's so exciting that it's already summer!