Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who is your Guru?

One of my favorite things to do when I have free time is to watch youtube beauty gurus

These women and men have a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to makeup, hair, skin, nails, etc. It's so easy for me to go onto youtube with a specific video in mind and I end up watching about five others!

There are a few of them that I just HAVE to watch. Every time they have a new video uploaded I make sure to watch it. I follow them on instagram, twitter, Facebook, everything!

Jaclyn Hill is my current favorite. Her personality is infectious through the computer screen, she's obviously very beautiful, and she has some techniques that don't require a new $40 brush or new makeup. My hair is actually dyed the same exact way hers is right now because I thought it was just so pretty!

Carli Bybel was originally intriguing to me because she was so young when she first started out and now she basically lives off of what she makes doing her videos. She actually gets kind of annoying after a while, but she has some serious style and good makeup looks

If you haven't watcher her videos you are missing out. She's actually gone through some major changes in the last few years and she really relied on her viewers for support and that kind of touched me to know how much she VALUED her subscribers, not just the income they provide her

Wayne is one of the funniest makeup artists I've watched. He posts so many videos to just address real issues,  not just beauty, and I love him for that. It was definitely new seeing him apply the makup on himself, but if you're learning something who cares who teaches it, right?

Emily goes out and buys TONS of drugstore products so that she can give you her honest opinion on what is the best and what will look best on who. It's great seeing a combination of both drugstore and high end products so that you really know which is best, not which is the best sponsor!

Those are just my favorites at the moment, but there are SO MANY MORE!!!!

If you have someone you love to watch make sure and let me know so I can check them out!

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  1. I have never watched a video on youtube for make-up tricks. I should check some out now.

  2. Agree with Dani! Need to check these all out!