Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why I Took A Break

For anyone who read my blog on a regular basis, you knew that I stopped blogging for about two months. I thought about maybe doing a post once a week just to keep the little outlet that I made for myself, then I would just brush it off and say "maybe on another day" and as we all know, that day took a long time to come.

I love my blog and the connections I have made through it, it's just the neatest thing in the world being able to read about a complete strangers day to day life until you find yourself coming back every day for another dose of laughter or fashion advice.

What really bothered me away was how much people turned me away because I didn't have enough followers or wouldn't give me advice unless I paid for it. I was taken aback by that, I really have to pay for friendships now? I wasn't asking for a button on their blog or anything like that, I was always simply trying to make a connection, because in the end that's all we have isn't it? I just assumed that everyone out there was like the amazing women that I had sponsored in the past and I was clearly wrong.

Ryan asked me probably three times every week when I was going to start blogging again and I was just brushing him off until he finally told me to just let it go because I didn't need anyones validation. I finally decided to not let those people discourage me from doing what I love, because I have missed seeing the wonderful comments I received on my posts and just a few women definitely do not define all of the absolutely wonderful bloggers out there.

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  1. I haven't been able to blog as much as my norm and I definitely miss it. Your title interested me because I always wonder how others feel when they have to take a break or scale back. I didn't except to read these reasons. I'm sorry you caught some bad vibes in your blogging journey. You're totally welcome to hit me up with questions anytime! If I can help, I certainly will. I enjoy helping others just as much as I enjoy writing posts! I'm glad you have your mans support and happy he encouraged you back into blogging!

  2. Aw, so glad you're back! I've missed your posts but I figured you were taking time off for personal reasons. I'm sorry you've had such negative experiences blogging--I've had them too. I guess you just have to say "people suck" and move on--karma will take care of them! I think it's wonderful that your BF encouraged you to start blogging again. Very sweet :)

  3. I have not been able to blog as much either I also have run into you need to pay me for things. As much as I would love to....I just don't have the money. I have missed reading your blog. I'm glad you are back in the blogging world.

  4. thats definitely one of the hard things about blogging. sometimes it can get really awkard too. but not everyone is like that. i've made amazing friendships through blogging and its been the best :)

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